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Yvonne Dechance
photo credit: Scot Lerner


Yvonne René Dechance is a classically-trained singer and music educator with a specialty in voice diction. She holds a B.A in Music from Whitworth College, and the M.M. in Voice and Vocal Pedagogy and D.M.A. in Voice Performance from The University of Texas at Austin. Yvonne has a special interest in creating hypermedia and web-based technology; her educational projects include Phoneticism(TM) Voice Diction Software and the The Diction Domain(TM). She has served The National Association of Teachers of Singing in many capacities: as a member of its Board of Directors, National Webmaster, as a President of the Tampa Bay NATS Chapter and District Governor for Florida. Yvonne has taught both privately and as a member of university music faculties; she is currently residing and teaching in Paris, France.

The Web-U-lous World of Dr. Y is the official website for Yvonne's performing and educational activities. Within this site you'll find information about the educator and the artist, sample programs and photos from some of her favorite performances, and online versions of her academic and performance resumes. If you are looking for information about studying voice, make sure you visit the Skills and Scales Section.

In the Spotlight:

Dr. Y's Sample Vocal Warm-ups and Exercises (pdf, 104K) (as featured at ICVT 2013)

Studio update:

Yvonne is now accepting students through audition for her private studio in Paris, France; contact studio@scaredofthat.com for details.

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"Amarilli, mia bella" --Giulio Caccini [mp3 sound file, size: 4.0M]

"Hark! The Echoing Air a Triumph Sings" --Henry Purcell [mp3 sound file, size: 2.4M]

Yvonne Dechance in Concert

Yvonne Dechance, soprano
with Kurt Knecht, accompanist
Photo courtesy of Terry Mohn



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